Gorge Walking

Prices starting from £45 per person

What’s It All About?

Ever felt that a river or a waterfall looked so beautiful you could climb inside it. Well, now you can. Gorgewalking gets you as close to the river as possible – scrambling along it, jumping in it, floating through it, sliding down it, wading through it, walking under it, even climbing up it. From this angle you will experience everything the water, and its surroundings has to offer. Choose your own pace; finding thrills in some impressive jumps, or finding fun on a natural waterslide.

This adventure is ideally suited to:

  • Families with children aged 8 or over
  • Stag and Hen groups
  • Groups of friends of any age – reunions or just learning something new
  • Teenage and adult birthday parties, or other celebrations
  • Days out with a difference
  • Team building events
  • Leadership or personal development