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River & Ridge Explained

Everyone likes the idea of adventure, but sometimes making it happen just doesn’t happen. Not sure where to go, not sure who you’ll end up with, not sure whether you will really enjoy it? Sometimes it’s just easier to do what you always do. Well, let us change this and help you find a life less ordinary. Our adventures will fill your day or holiday with fun and purpose –pure funfillment.

We are based in the beautiful countryside of South Wales with endless hills, rivers, cliffs, gorges and beaches just up the road. You don’t have to travel to the back of beyond to get away from it all and find something that’s right for you. We have local knowledge and passion for our environment in abundance. All our staff are keen to share this with you. You’ve probably got an idea of what you want (and don’t want) and we know what there is, ands how to do it. So get in touch and together we can create your adventure on your terms.

Your terms matter. You don’t have to sacrifice luxury or feel under pressure to enjoy an outdoor adventure – why not end the day in a hot tub, or just go with people who you know will make it fun? Not everyone wants to stand next to a stranger in a wetsuit. And bunkhouses and tents are not always an option on the weekend, especially when you have young kids and a demanding job to go back to on the Monday. You may want to get back to basics, build your camp, cook your own food, sleep under the stars. That’s fine too. With our passion, knowledge and versatility you will find what you are looking for.

We also have a team of exceptional leadership and management trainers and executive coaches who can stretch and develop teams and individuals. They will consult with you to really understand the outcomes you want, and develop a learning programme which combines best practice, theory and outdoor experiences, in order to deliver rapid results. Please look at our Adventure Development pages for more information.

We enjoy working with people and difference makes things interesting. We have worked with people who are scared of the water, those who are unsure of heights, people with disabilities, groups of over 60s, children as young as one, people who don’t know how to put a wetsuit on, teenagers who think everything is boring, stags who want the ultimate thrill. Our skill comes from combining our understanding of your group, with an understanding of the natural area, and a genuine desire to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for each individual.

We understand that people can be put off outdoor activities by the perception of ‘risk’ – hardly surprising given the antibacterial sprays, soft surfaces, disclaimers and regulations that have become our norm. Although outdoor adventures are exciting and different they should not be dangerous if run and managed correctly. All our activities have been thoroughly risk assessed and our working practices have been endorsed by the industry’s regulatory body (AALA).

The safety of every member of your group is paramount and we will adapt every session to suit the ability of the group, the age range of the group and the group’s hopes and fears. During our initial conversations with you we will discuss the unique make up of your group and what is possible, exciting and safe for all members. And because your adventure is exclusive to your group staff ratios are reassuringly low, meaning you receive personal attention throughout your adventure.